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They also met philanthropists such as Helene Galen and Jamie Kabler, and peers such as Suzanne Somers, Barry Manilow and Lorna Luft — who also is second-generation Hollywood royalty as the daughter of Judy Garland."We came down here and almost immediately met like two people who introduced us to nine people who introduced us to 10 people," Arnaz said. Suddenly, there are 72 people a month you want to meet and see and go and do something with.

We never had that in all the years we lived on the East Coast."They decided to rent a house before buying and they settled on a gated community in South Palm Springs off Bogert Trail, named after Lucille Ball's longtime friend, former Palm Springs Mayor Frank Bogert.

Their friend Phil Murphy, who had been a Paramount vice-president before reinventing himself as a lighting designer for local theater productions, arranged for them to stay in a Rancho Mirage guest home and they discovered they had a lot of friends in the desert.

There were theater colleagues such as writer-actor Chuck Yates, songwriter David Zippel and pianist Chris Marlowe, and two close friends from Arnaz's childhood: landscaper Cindy Shoemaker, who had been married to jockey Willie Shoemaker, and Alice Cassesse, whose husband, Rick, had been Arnaz's contractor in Los Angeles.

But she had weekends in the desert."I remember thinking it was Disneyland for kids," she said. It was just sand dunes."When Lucie was 9, Lucille Ball noticed her daughter so loved putting on shows that she had a stage built for her in their Beverly Hills garage.

"In Palm Springs, we would get on our bikes and ride bicycles all day! We just started riding and we took water with us and sandwiches. Lucie formed her own Proscenium Players theater company, with a board of directors, and they staged little plays.

Lucie Arnaz and her husband, writer-actor Laurence Luckinbill, have moved into Palm Springs with the fanfare of a reality TV show.

I just walked into the Annenberg and Chuck was wonderful. They still owned their Connecticut home, but, when they wandered into an open house across from the place they had just purchased, they dropped to their knees upon seeing acres and acres of vacant Indian land through a back bay window. The home movies in her documentary reveal a mostly idyllic home life for her and her younger brother, Desi Jr.

When the Realtor said they could have the house for just 0,000 more than what they'd have to pay after fixing up the house they had just purchased, they made a life-changing decision. But Lucie said most of her memories of childhood play time come from watching those home movies.

So Mc Callum President and CEO Mitch Gershenfeld asked Zippel to plan a tribute to Hamlisch for that January slot and Zippel asked Arnaz to do a star turn.

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She made her desert debut three weeks after moving to Palm Springs.

Yates also had offered Arnaz and Luckinbill a chance to work with his Coyote Stageworks company any time they wanted.